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Boutique law firm specialising in taxation and international tax

More than 20 years’ of experience and professional training

Thanks to experience gained over more than two decades, LexConomy is recognized for providing world class legal and fiscal services. Specializing in international finance, we are well placed to provide effective, affordable, personalized expert advice and assessment.

In addition to our experience, we offer unmatched speed, flexibility and personalized service — service features that larger, general practice firms may not be able to provide.

For more than 20 years we have been adapting our legal and tax services to a constantly evolving market and the changing needs of both businesses and individuals.

During this time our services have become a benchmark of quality and a point of reference for other firms in the sector. We are committed to ensuring that our boutique law firm remains at the forefront of the world of legal and financial services.


Why choose us?

When it comes to Finance and International Tax, experience is an invaluable asset. Generally all this complexity also brings with it additional legal issues which need to be handled effectively.

Committed to being an agile and innovative boutique law firm, we stand out for our dedication, speed, and efficiency in dealing with all this complexity, and our ability to provide added value through high quality service.

We prioritize the prized relationships we have with our clients throughout this process, and operating ethically at all times. This client-centered approach allows us to adapt to the needs and concerns of our clients and the circumstances of each case.

We also collaborate with other professionals when necessary, working as a team with a single objective: provide a service of unrivalled quality which frees the client of all their worries and concerns regarding coordination and the need to find other professionals.

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