We provide our clients with the best specialists in the field

We provide our clients with the best specialists in the field


International finance and associated legal planning


The international market is characterized by new opportunities, but these opportunities also bring new responsibilities, making proper handling of tax matters critical when embarking on new international projects.

At LexConomy we offer comprehensive advice and assessment regarding obligations and other issues which arise when operating internationally, such as fiscal strategy, company structure, investment, and tax matters.


Real estate Investment

Operating in the real estate sector creates diverse, complex legal questions and involves navigating many areas of applicable law, including civil law, administrative law, and tax law. It is essential to be able to count on a team of specialists for these projects to be successful, to achieve the best possible tax optimization, and to ensure legal compliance at all times.

At LexConomy our specialists in real estate taxation can provide detailed assessment with a complete range of services including fiscal planning, forms of investment, contractual documentation, and tax.


International mobility

Our goal at LexConomy LexConomy is to ensure that our clients enjoy smooth, hassle-free international mobility. This means addressing the five pillars of the international movement, whether it be for individuals in their own right or company employees:



Social Security


Other migration formalities


Trade Law & Contracting

Our specialists in trade and commerce law are dedicated to the success of their clients commercial operations, supporting them in their decision-making, buying and selling, mergers and de-mergers, restructurings and other operations. Our know-how is key to the successful running of their business.

At LexConomy we can analyze, negotiate, draw up and revise all the contracts your business needs. Each contract has its own specificities, and only highly specialized legal professionals can provide global solutions which are adapted to the particulars of each contract.